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Research, Strategy, Campaign and Metrics Reporting


We first started working with AHS in 2015 to rebuild their Alberta Prevents Cancer website. As a part of this process, we conducted extensive research with Albertans and stakeholders (qualitative and quantitative), looked into previous site performance, and reviewed market and industry trends.


Once the website was developed and tested, we developed a plan to promote it using insights from existing research. The campaign was also designed to give us more information on the specific types of messaging Albertans respond best to.


For this, I developed a campaign strategy that involved testing about 90 different digital ads that fell into three messaging buckets - statistics, health-related or action-oriented. These were cross-tested with subject type, such as eating healthier, physical activity and certain types of cancer. Kick Media then developed a plan to target key groups and test the CTR on ad types as well.

The ads drove to one of two landing pages (cancer or risk factors) to further measure engagement with that content (click throughs, tip downloads, tools use, page scroll depth, etc.). 


The campaign was a great success, improving new web visits by 2,726% compared to site visits without a campaign, and 569% compared to the  awareness-based campaign before it.


Additionally, we were able to see which content Albertans were clearly engaging with more (statistics and popular risk factors), which will inform future areas for growth on the website.

You can explore the website here.

Alberta Prevents Cancer
Alberta Prevents Cancer
Alberta Prevents Cancer
Alberta Prevents Cancer
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