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UX Research & Strategy, Product Development & Management


We built the HPV decision tool to replace an existing tool that used outdated technology and tested poorly. To get started, we conducted focus groups to discover expectations around delivering this information as well as in-depth user testing to determine how people were moving through the current tool.


Based on our findings, we worked to develop a complicated and customized user flow (both in terms of thinking through UX strategy and working through a backend database) to improve the site's design and user experience.


As part of our findings, we discovered that accessing the Q&A portion of the tool was our audiences' primary goal - more-so than completing the quiz and seeing the outcome on whether or not they should get the vaccine.

Our primary success measure was tracking completion rates at various steps compared to the previous tool. The redeveloped tool had over 63% reach of users the Q&A portion, and improved the percent of people that reached the exit survey page by 4%. In addition to this, qualitative results from user testing showed that users were happy with the improved product.

You can check out the tool by clicking on "launch tool" here.

HPV User Flow
HPV Landing Page
HPV Intro Screen
HPV Age Selector
HPV Tool Q&A2
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