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Strategy, Campaign and Microsite


In 2017, TELUS Spark brought in the travelling Star Trek exhibit. Our team was tasked to promote the experience to Calgarians over the course of its five-month duration. With a long campaign window and modest budget, we needed to ensure any tactics maximized messaging with different audiences. Additionally, with timed ticketing, we wanted to drive people online to purchase tickets versus in-house.


I developed a strategy to address campaign audiences and messaging across three clear phases. The first phase targeted the Trekkie fans, who (from insights from other markets) would come to the event once made aware. The second focused on Spark's regular family audiences. The final phase was the shortest, and aimed to create a sense of urgency until closing.

We also developed a landing page and tracked click throughs on the buy tickets button (along with which digital media was driving these conversions).


While the number of ticket sales fell below expectations for Spark, we gained a number of key learnings from the metrics of this campaign, including which digital tactics performed best for online conversions.


The campaign also revealed that while the landing page had nearly a 40% conversion rate on the buy tickets button, the separate online purchasing experience showed an alarming drop in checkout completes. This allowed us to start the conversation and work with the 3rd party provider to improve the checkout process for future purchases.

Landing Page
Warp Speed
Vulcan Salute
Closing Billboard
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