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Destination BC: Find Yourself & Illahee

When Destination British Columbia (DBC) was ready to re-emerge into global markets post-COVID-19, much of the world had changed. There was a new focus on sustainability, appreciation for true nature, and learning from Indigenous populations within Canada. 

This campaign featured the paid Find Yourself Spot, written in collaboration with an Indigenous writer from Haida Gwaii. It taps into the connection we feel within ourselves in nature. There was also a 3-part content series, Illahee, that dove deeper into these connections and why our water, rainforests and mountains are so important. 

AGENCY: 123w

ROLE: I was the lead account person on this campaign, from initial concept to final production. I supported the producer teams and worked on additional campaign assets (social, display) to support this campaign. 

Commercial: Find Yourself

Illahee: Water

Illahee: Rainforest

Illahee: Mountains

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